Happy Bunny Poster

Everyone has seen the figure of a happy bunny by now. Happy bunny posters, stickers, and sayings are all over the place. They are absolutely adorable in my opinion. My happy bunny poster has a picture of a smiling cartoon rabbit saying in bubbly letters “I am better than you”. When you tell someone about it, it isn’t really that funny, but when you look at it you get the joke. Although it is kind of obvious, there is still something endearing about an absolutely adorable little bunny rabbit with a bad attitude.

I first got a happy bunny poster about two years ago. Back then, I wasn’t really familiar with happy bunny sayings. I think the trend had not really caught on yet in my school. I live in a small Midwestern town which is always somewhere between six months and two years behind the times. If everyone in Chicago bought a happy bunny poster when I was in sixth grade, no one would even hear about it here until I got in to eighth grade.

The happy bunny poster was actually a present from my aunt. She has always been very good with kids, and we have always had a very special relationship with her. At first, my mom looked down on the happy bunny poster. My aunt gave it to me on my birthday, and when I unrolled in I could totally see my parents frowning. They thought that it taught me a bad attitude, and couldn’t see that it was just a joke. Although they are usually pretty open-minded, for some reason that poster irritated them.

Still, after I had had a happy bunny poster on my wall for a few months and had not turn into a total mouthy slacker, they realized that it wasn’t having a bad effect on me. I guess that is the difference between adolescent humor and adult humor. Sometimes, things that are funny to kids and people who spend a lot of time with kids are not necessarily funny to their parents. Happy bunny posters definitely fall under this category. Still, if you do have a kid, you should consider getting them one. It will make you look cool and with it, always something that is good for a parent to look like. It is always good to show your kids that you have a more humorous, irreverent side. That way, when you have to get serious and discipline them, they will understand.