Independent Schools

My best friend was my neighbor all throughout my childhood. We lived next door to each other for sixteen years but never attended the same school. I attended public school; she attended an independent school. We never made our educations into a contest or tried to figure out who was getting the better education, but when it came to taking our SAT tests and getting into colleges, she excelled more than I did. Looking back on my years of growing up, I also remember that she always seemed to know more about the world than I did. I just never contributed that to the fact that she attended an independent school.

A lot of parents don’t have the option of sending their children to an independent school. Tuition is quite costly and there are a lot more guidelines and restrictions than public schools require. However, the fact that an independent school is exactly that – independent, is rather refreshing. Public schools are funded by the government and must cater to all sorts of restrictions. An independent school is not funded by any branch of the government. Your taxes won’t aid an independent school is any manner. Instead, the everyday operations of those schools are funded by tuitions, gifts and donations. They own and govern themselves. Many independent schools are guided by a particular affiliation, usually religious, and that can be the deciding factor for parents when choosing a private school. Quite a few parents want their children to attend schools in which religion can be practiced and discussed freely. Everyone knows that in a public school, the mere mention of a particular religion can get someone removed from the school permanently. In an independent school, the school can make their own decisions and guidelines. A lot of students who have attended independent schools have said that their discussions in classes have become rather detailed and intense on particular topics that would be forbidden in public schools. Those discussions might even be encouraged in private schools.

My parents had never wanted me to attend a private or independent school simply because of the tuition costs. In their opinion, it was ridiculous to have to pay school taxes for a public school and pay for tuition for another school as well. There are tons of families who feel that way in present day. Nowadays, there are scholarship programs available to students who want to attend but may not have the financial means that other students may have. Sure, not everyone can obtain a scholarship, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Attending an independent school isn’t for everyone, but for some – it just may lead to horizons that you never thought even remotely possible.