Palmers cocoa butter is great for your skin

Learn the secrets of smooth, soft, young looking skin, even eliminating stretch marks and scars!

Have you ever noticed how women who live in tropical island regions, such as the South Pacific, seem to retain a youthful look, with smooth and supple skin, well into old age? How do they do it? They spend plenty of time in the sun and have no access to high-priced department store creams. Perhaps their youthful look is due, in part, to a more relaxed lifestyle, devoid of the stress we endure in this country’s fast paced rat race. However, these women do have a beauty secret to which you may not be privy! Cocoa butter is an ancient beauty agent, used regularly and liberally by these women, giving them that youthful appearance to which we all aspire.

Well, you can have it too, and at very little expense. Palmers cocoa butter is this magical fountain of youth. Here in America, Palmers cocoa butter is renowned as the ultimate agent for eliminating stretch marks and scars. The Palmer’s formula is enhanced with a liberal dose of added vitamin E, which increases its effectiveness in making scars and stretch marks disappear.

You can use this special formulation of cocoa butter both during and after pregnancy with equal efficacy. During pregnancy, spread a bit of Palmers cocoa butter over your tummy every day. Your body warmth will make the cocoa butter melt. A tablespoon is all you need. This keeps the skin supple and soft and you’ll not have any stretch marks to contend with, post pregnancy. If you already have stretch marks you’d like to get rid of, follow the same procedure and watch those stretch marks disappear. With consistent use, Palmer’s also makes scars disappear. Marvelous stuff!

Aside from these specialized applications, Palmers cocoa butter tones and smooths the skin all over your body. It’s an excellent softener for scaly or calloused skin on the elbows, knees and feet. Exposure to wind and sun is a sure signal to give yourself an all over rub with vitamin E enhanced cocoa butter.

You can find Palmers cocoa butter in select drug stores, health food shops, some maternity shops and online. It comes in a jar, much like face cream, is of a  thick, wax-like consistency and has a light, refreshing scent of lavender.

With all of these benefits, you may think it’s quite costly. In fact, Palmers cocoa butter runs less than $5 a jar! Now that you’re in the know, tell your friends about this fountain of youth!