Shaving Brands

The art of shaving has certainly evolved over the years. Those days of straight edge razors and double-edge safety models are sort of a thing from the past. Then again, you’d be surprised to find out how many men still indulge in these old-school grooming practices. Although there are certainly a few different cartridge style razors on the market today, many men still prefer the old-fashioned route to a whisker-free face. One thing is for sure; there are oodles of shaving creams, gels, aftershaves, soaps, blades and shaving brushes available now days. Furthermore, when it really comes down to it, the key is getting the best possible shave you can.

Let me take a wild guess and assume you currently keep your mug trimmed with a Mach 3 model or a Schick Quatro. Most likely you use a drugstore shaving cream or gel such as Gillette or Edge. Don’t think for one second that this is the only way to get a modern shave. There is a whole world out there loaded with premium creams, shaving brushes and fine razors. Now, when it comes to the razor itself, this really just depends on your personal preference. In all honesty, a Gillette Mach 3 will do just about as good as anything else. However, if we’re talking shaving brushes and fine creams, you may want to do a bit of experimenting first. One thing that every man should know is that the best shaving brushes are made with 100 percent pure badger hair. Often you will find cheaper models made with boar bristles or something quite stiffer and more rough. These shaving brushes aren’t worth your time. Always invest in a decent badger hair shaving brush if you’re going to go this route. These can be acquired at fine retailers like Crabtree and Evelyn. This store also offers a variety of excellent shaving creams and aftershaves that truly do your face a favor. Therefore if you really want to get an awesome shave with a brush, cream and razor, this is one great store to check out. Keep in mind that a fine shaving brush will cost you 50 dollars and up.

Don’t feel bad about forking out some dough for a fine shaving brush and cream. Chances are you won’t have to buy the brush again. They last for years to come. In regards to the high-end shaving cream, it will provide a much better cushion for a close shave without irritation.