The Powerful Netflix Brand

Tired of driving to the video store? Here’s an independent NetFlix review. You decide.

Americans loves movies, no question about it. The old neighborhood video store model never worked well for me. Driving, poor service, poor selection and illegitimate late fees turned me off to the whole movie rental concept. Satellite TV offered 200 channels, but their selection choices were even worse. They played latest movies on the ‘premium’ channels first, repeating movies seemingly forever, then shuffling them off to other channels (not ‘premium’) to play for another eon. I’d heard about NetFlix and other online movie options and decided to do my own reviews to find the optimum solution. The top spot on my reviews went to the NetFlix review. Here’s why.

NetFlix offers a two week free trial period in which to decide if their service is worth the price. I went to their site to take a look. Looked good, so I signed up. Here’s the skeptic’s NetFlix review. I’m just tossing my two cents worth in the hat here. I discovered that many other companies and individuals have done other independent NetFlix reviews.

NetFlix offers five plans, ranging from $4.99 – $23.99 per month, allowing delivery of 1-4 DVDs at a time, according to the plan chosen. Delivery takes 1 day. For example, the $16.99 per month plan allows delivery of three DVDs at once, with an unlimited number per month by mail, plus 17 hours of streaming video, watching online. (To use the streaming video option, you need a high speed connection and be running Windows XP or Vista.) The most avid movie watcher is thus assured of a continuous supply of movies.

Before signing up, you can browse their categories and determine the caliber and scope of movies. You can manipulate how you browse, within both single or multiple genres. Selections are displayed in a slide-show format, four per row. Click the next arrow for the next four. Movies are rated by users, from 1-5 stars. Placing your cursor over the title produces a pop-up with a synopsis of the plot.

They have 100,000 titles, the largest of any service, with an exceptional selection in foreign, indie, classics and documentary genres. They don’t stock adult movies or video games.

If you like what you see, you proceed to sign up. You sign up with username and password and give a credit card number they can verify, placing a pending hold on the card, not to be charged until the 15th day following sign up.

Everything was delivered as promised. NetFlix’s customer service is excellent, by email or toll-free phone. No recordings, but a live person who immediately and quickly resolves your issue.

I arrived at the conclusion that someone’s finally got it right. This NetFlix review gives a big thumbs up to this superior movie service.